Well done. You did it. You've achieved entrance to Pro Lenner Heaven. This is where all of the good little Lenners go. Hatsune Miku has brought you here because she has deemed you worthy of standing with Len in his own personal pocket dimension. Her true purpose in this world is as such, since she is the only one who can open the Len portal (aside from the Kagamine twin himself, of course). The popular 3D modeling program, Miku Miku Dance (released February 24th, 2008) was created as a farce to cover up her true mission. While Miku's voice may have been attainable via the VOCALOID2 engine (released August 31st, 2007 by Crypton Future Media, Inc.), her physical form was not yet ready to be introduced to the general public in a virtual form. Once MMD was released, she had full access to the digital world. This is the only way she can open the portals to Pro Lenner Heaven as well as Non Lenner Hell. She serves as somewhat of an Archangel under the omnipresent Kagamine twin brother. (His sister ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ is also all seeing and all knowing. Do not be alarmed if you cannot read her name, it cannot be transcribed into any mortal language). Still, these details and backstories are a little much don't you think? None of that matters now. What does matter is that the portal was once again successfully opened and another Pro Lenner has joined with their creator. Here you will find nothing but happiness and tranquility. It's as if you have reached Nirvana. Len is very excited to see you here, look at him leaping for joy in celebration of your arrival. He is always full of bliss when another one of his dedicated followers joins him at their rightful place in Pro Lenner Heaven. Take your time here to relax. Stay awhile, and forget all of the things that trouble you in the mortal realm. None of that is within your reach now. Nothing can harm you here in Pro Lenner Heaven. So just sit back and take delight in this ancient song Len is singing for you. This is a sacred hymn that has been passed down through generations of Pro Lenners. Maybe you even recognize the lyrics. You may be asking yourself who I am. Silly question. I am Len. You are also Len. Everything and nothing is Len. Len is all. This is the essence of being a Pro Lenner. If you must leave now, please take care back in the mortal realm. Whenever you feel sad, or frightened, or alone in this boundless universe we can never truly understand - Remember that you are never really alone; Kagamine Len is always with you.

Take this badge with you to commemorate the day you reached eternity.

Farewell, friend.