Welcome welcome! This is where I have chosen to dump all of the various images I have found online. Pixels, banners, dividers, blinkies, etc. etc. This is a never ending project to try and catalogue everything and anything I can find. I have tried to divide this into different categories, but keep in mind these pages are going to be very, very big, and may take some time to load.

Also! Because of the nature of the internet, I can't find sources for almost all of these. That being said, if you see something you recognize and know the source, let me know and I'll add a page for sources! But until then, I'm not really going to bother with that because like...some of these were probably first posted online a decade ago. Finding an original source would be next to impossible. Thanks for understanding!

Also also! In order to make these pages look somewhat visually cohesive, all images on each page has been resized to be uniform. So some might look rather squished. However, each image is clickable and will take you to where I am hosting the original so you can see them in their actual size.

Pixels Blinkies Dividers Buttons

Gifs Stamps Etc.