" I'll have these moments memorized for a long time. Forever, I hope. "


species: Human | Former Replica
gender: Female (nonbinary in my heart)
weapon: Kingdom Key Keyblade
membership: Former Oragnization XIII member [No. XIV]
voice actors: Alyson Stoner, Hayden Panettiere | Risa Uchida


Xion is Sora's replica, and later a human after being given a vessel. She is a former member of Organization XIII, and the real Organization XIII. Created by Vexen, her purpose was as a "third option" in the event that Sora or Roxas failed to meet the expected grand plan of the Organization. She begins life without an understanding of the world around her, and she is taught about it from Axel and Roxas. Through their work and meetings after, she becomes close friends with the both of them. Since she is Sora's replica, created from Kairi's memories of Sora, her time spent with Roxas triggers her to begin to remember Kairi's memories. Thus, Sora, who is in a comatose state, is fated to remain in said state until his memories can be returned to him, his heart made whole again from Kairi's heart. Xion ultimately sacrifices herself - and her friends' ability to remember her - to save Sora.

Xion is shown to be kind and patient, yet constantly at war with herself. Between her mistreatment at the hands of Saix and the Organization, Xigbar and Xemnas manipulating her, and her self awareness as a being created to serve an agenda of darkness built from the memories of someone who already exists, her life is one filled with existentialism and paranoia about who she can and can't trust. However, Roxas and Axel's undying loyalty, and their persistence to remain friends with her aside from the complications between their relationships (caused by both outside forces and their own interpersonal issues) help Xion to realize that her origin doesn't matter, and that she is the master of her own destiny.