" Go on! You just keep running, but I'll always be there to bring you back! "


species: Human | Former Nobody
gender: Male
weapon: Chakrams | Bond of the Blaze Keyblade
membership: Keyblade Master | Former Organization XIII Member [No. VIII]
voice actors: Quinton Flynn | Keiji Fujiwara


Lea, formerlly known as Axel, first debuted in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. Originally, he poises himself as being aloof, though rather cold-hearted. He has an arrogant attitude and a sarcastic sense of humor. He is cynical, and self-absorbed. However, his actions and backstory revealed in Kingdom Hearts II paint him as a more sympathetic character whose motivations are misunderstood. As a member of Oraganization XIII, it appears as though he, like other members, was manipulated into performing the actions he took against Sora by Xemnas. However, he was not as easily lead on as his counterparts within the organization. Saix, another organization member, knew Axel when they were both humans. He and Saix worked together to plot against Xemnas from the inside. However, after meeting Roxas and later Xion, Axel came to not only resent the organization further, but also Saix due to his mistreatment of Xion. He felt as though Saix had become sucked into the organization's ways, and strove to carve out his own path.

The events of Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days give more insight to Axel's character motives and how he came to ultimately sacrifice himself for Sora in Kingdom Hearts II. He grew fond of Roxas and Xion, and wanted protect Sora as he saw the remnants of his friends' hearts inside of him. When Axel returns at the end of Dream Drop Distance, he has been given a vessel and is therefore human again. Thus, he insists on being referred to as Lea. Currently, much in contrast to his personality in the beginning of the series, Axel conducts himself as a kind, playful person. He still retains his sarcastic personality, but it's more in jest than nihlism. He is loud, friendly, and upbeat. He is extremely protective of his friends, especially of Roxas and Xion.