Well, you did it! You've made it home. Leave your shoes at the door okay? You must have been pretty homesick after being out there in the big wide world for such a long time. What now, anyway? There's something comforting about that question. This is your space after all. You can do whatever you feel like. Take some time to yourself, you earned it!

Oh, your rooms are just how you left them, of course. It's not like anyone else has been here in...well, years. The floorboards are just as creaky as you remember them, and the light fixtures just as yellowed. They might be a bit more dull compared to the last time you were here - those bulbs don't last forever, anyway. The old stove seems to work okay, and a fine layer of dust covers everything. But that's alright. It's your house, so it's up to you to put the love into it. But, you can always go back. Sometimes a house is not a home. Maybe your home is somewhere else now. Maybe it's in a different place, with different people, and different furniture, and different closets, and different floors, and different dust, and different smells, and different empty spaces that you could have sworn once held something and it's almost as though the furniture in this place rearranges itself on its own sometimes and the couch was definitely in a different spot today than it was last week, but only by a small margin, yet it's diverged just enough from what you would consider normal to look over completely - this place will always be waiting for you anyway!