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January 21, 2022

Pardon the dust

Good evening Neocities users and etc. So to recap where we left off I am moved into my new place and have a new job. I'm pretty happy with it! I'd like to ask for a transfer into a different position at some point. I figure I'll give it a good year to pad the ol' resume. The house is lovely, everyone I live with is lovely. June will bring about my second wedding anniversary and December will bring about my seventh year of being in a relationship with my husband. He is truly my whole world.

To say I am entirely satisfied with the new place, however, would be...dishonest. I love the house and I love how beautiful it is here but I think that I really left a part of my heart where we were before. The people here are cold, and not in the way I thought I would be able to handle. It's a culture shock the likes of which I haven't experienced before and I'm struggling. I don't know if it's helped by the fact that I haven't been able to really "go out" and do "fun" activities yet since I'm still getting my barings. That and the whole like, plague and everything but that's neither here nor there. I just really can't seem to figure out how to get along with the people here. The autism doesn't help at all. But I digress.

Otherwise, personal things have been. Hm. Well? I'm having mental health issues real bad to be quite honest. But I'm just sort of trusting the process. The physical side of things is unbearable right now though. I'll talk about it more in depth in my health journal but my god it's really bad. There's just a lot going on with my body right now and the stress it causes every single day is just...piling up.

In any case! Right now I'm trying really really hard to get a vehicle. It's like impossible to live here without one. The new guy in my head (yeah, among several, I've made a lot in the past year or so) earlier was just like "get a moped" and like you know what? Not a terrible idea. I'm thinking of talking to my beloved about it when he wakes up.

Sooooo about the site then. My resolution for the new year was to create more. I didn't nearly enough in 2021 and it shows. I think it would help a lot to get back to making things and this little website is sort of like my never ending project so of course it would be included in that. I think the journaling would help as well. Hard to keep up things like that with the whole "dissociative symptoms are becoming debilitating again" but like I really hope I can keep it up as much as possible. I'd like to really try and get some of my WIPs done. I'm also experimenting with different stuff as far as digital art goes right now, so I'm thinking of making an art page to post that here, but we'll see.

Hope everyone has been healthy and safe! Happy late new year!