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August 9, 2021

Future of the site, some thoughts

Well good morning/afternoon/evening. So far I've been updating a few things here and there, mostly easy pages that just require a quick copy + paste without any actual coding changes, just text replacement and etc. I have no idea how long I'll keep the momentum up to keep doing this, but for now, here we are. And besides, I don't have it in my mind to delete the site any time soon. But we'll see how long my energy lasts this time around.

Also, I'm moving in a few weeks here. Things in my life are surely going to start picking up after that. I definitely won't have as much time to play around on neocities and the rest of the world wide web. But we'll see! I'm still in school, so I might have a bit of time left before this becomes yet another lost remnant of my online presence. For now, I'll keep trying to finish the things I haven't yet on here and we'll see where that goes.